Thursday, 4 July 2013

Zoom Balance Bike Review

In an attempt to encourage Bear to burn off some of his excess energy, D and I decided to buy him a bike for his 2nd birthday. At first we were torn between a balance bike and a trike, then when we were walking in the park one day a 3 year old sped past us on a little balance bike we decided then that we should buy one for Bear. The idea behind the Balance Bike is to teach children to ride a bike without the use of stabalisers. First they learn to walk with it between their legs, then they learn to control the steering, they then learn how to push themselves along and finally they are able to lift their feet off the ground and away they go. These bikes range in price from around £20-£120 we decided to try the Zoom bike which retails at £99. Although this is towards the top end of the price range, we felt that this was a good investment as the Zoom is made of metal which makes it a bit sturdier and its very well made. It isn't as light weight as I had hoped and this can be a challenge when your all the way at the park and your toddler decides they are bored and so you have to carry it home, however it is small enough to carry and takes up less space when storing. The bike also comes with an additional seat height bar...thing which means that it will last your toddler at least until 4 years of age and then hopefully will then move straight onto a real bike. Overall I think the Zoom balance bike was a great buy, Bear loves his bike and is always wanting to go out in the street and play with his friend who also has a Zoom, she is now 3 and has mastered it very well. Bear is still at the learning to control the steering stage but I am so excited to see him ride his Zoom bike like a pro!

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