Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Trip to The National Railway Museum

 The National Railway Museum is our favourite place to go when it's dull and rainy outside and Bear can't get enough of trains. This time we took along Aunty Han Jam (not real aunty) who also LOVES trains. The Museum is located in the former steam locomotive depot, it has a huge collection of steam trains and artifacts and is great for the whole family plus its FREE! I love to see all the carriages in the old station, Bear liked to look at the model railway and we all really enjoyed our ride on the miniature railway and it reminded me and Aunty Han Jam of when we were kids together.

Aunty Han Jam and Bear on the Miniature Railway

Station Hall

I can't recommend the National Railway Museum enough! Located just a walk away from York City Center and just round the corner from the train station it is ideally positioned and is brilliant for all ages. We are looking forward to going again this weekend to see the Mallard 75 event which will involve the gathering of all 6 remaining A4's or as Bear calls them 'Spencer'.

Happy Tuesday x

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