Friday, 28 June 2013

Living Local on a bad day

I enjoy shopping locally but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard at times and today was one of those times. I am beyond tired, I feel sick, i'm craving high fat carbs like pizza or chips, pies that sort of thing...and it is raining! What would have been ideal would be to load the boy into the car, drive to Sainsbury's, park in the very convenient parent and child spaces, have all the items I need in one place and be out in less than an hour or better yet sit at home on my sofa, in my PJ's, eating a bacon and egg sandwich and do all my ordering online and have it delivered to my door this afternoon. Instead Bear and I trundled out in our raincoats, wellies and pushchair and walked into town. Friday is the best day to go to the market as all the good stalls are there without the hustle and bustle of a Saturday. We firstly stopped at the cash machine because we can't pay with card, we then went to the greengrocers stall and bought our fruit and veg for the week and had a nice chat with the man about strawberries. Next we went to the dried food stall where we bought our porridge oats (bear and I love porridge in the morning and as he wasn't there last week we had to buy ready break from the isn't the same). Then we went to the biscuit stall and bought some cheesy crackers for snack, bear started to kick up a fuss because he wanted chocolate, I tried to tell him that we can only eat chocolate in moderation and he eats a lot of chocolate already then I thought, who am I kidding this is MY son! So I bought us a small packet of chocolate biscuits too. At this point I was drenched from top to toe and bear was getting tired of not being able to see out of the rain cover, so I thought it best that we just get the mince for dinner tonight and head home to dry off.

After all this I had to remind myself of why I am bothering to trapes around town in the rain when I could have made life so much easier for myself today. So I pulled up the shop online page of my local supermarket to compare the prices of the items I had bought and I did in fact save money. Today I learnt that strawberries last longer from Belgium than England and Scotland and I by shopping independently I am supporting my local businesses and putting money straight back into the local economy.

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