Sunday, 2 June 2013

Living Local Day 7

Well today was the last day of our Living Local Experiment. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed shopping Independent there have been a few down sides too and there were a few items on my shopping list which I had trouble finding. For example, In our little town of Otley we do not have a Delicatessen so picking up cheese and deli meats can be a bit of a challenge especially if I needed something in particular and branded items which we enjoy are tricky to find although we do have an independent garage which has a little shop selling basic foods (good for cereal, tea, coffee etc).

Clothing can also be a problem when shopping locally although we do have a few nice shops for ladies wear, the choice is limited and  if i wanted something for Bear or D, I would have to head into Harrogate or Leeds and therefore pay a lot more. I can also appreciate that for someone who works full time, shopping independent could be quite challenging as it requires more time and the shops are not open after normal working hours.

However with all that being said, D and I have discussed the benefits of Living Local and have come to the conclusion that the pro's out way the con's. In the last week, we have felt much a part of this community, when I go into a shop to purchase something, I feel as though the retailers enjoy what they do and are happy to see us and they offer advise about the products they sell and suggest items they think I might like. As a family we are eating healthier, I am making meals from scratch instead of resorting to whatever is in the freezer section in Sainsbury's. It also gives me a reason to get out of the house and interact with members of the community. Lastly we feel as though we are putting money straight back into our economy and helping our little town of Otley prosper and stay the lovely market town that we love.

So Living Local has been extended for one whole year!! We will purchase all of our grocery items from local retailers and will avoid supermarkets. Clothing and shoes we will buy from our usual high street shops unless we can buy independent first.  Let the adventure begin!

Kirsty x

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