Monday, 10 June 2013

Bear and the Magic Railroad

Bear and I LOVE to go for walks with Oliver Biggles (a Dog) and we're always looking for new and exciting places to explore. So hearing rumors of the Old railway line between Otley and Pool, we were very keen to go and discover.

The line was constructed in 1865 and ran from Ilkley - Ben Rhydding - Burley-in-Wharfedale - Otley - Pool-in-Wharfedale - Arthington. The line was then closed in 1965.

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 After talking to locals and doing a little bit of Google research, I found that the line used to run right past our house...perfect! The path is not easily accessible and from what I could see there were two points where we could join, one through a field of horses and the other climbing over a metal guard rail at the Leeds road roundabout. I chose the latter as Oliver Biggles can be a little unpredictable around animals. At this point I was feeling rather excited as though we were about to discover a hidden road that would lead somewhere magical! What we found wasn't magical but it was very beautiful. 

Bear really loves seeing all the animals as we walk, he was particularly taken with this Horse and the only way to move him along was to see if he could find some Sheep along the way.

Bricks! I wonder what they were there for....

Very excited when we spotted this bridge! I think Bear was able to understand that choo choo trains used to go here!!

We weren't able to go as far as I would have liked but I'm so glad we found this! Wouldn't it be nice if this was opened up to make an official cycle path?

 I love finding little bits of lost history and I hear there is more to discover! 

Happy Monday,

Kirsty x

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