Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hooray, Summer is finally here!!

I am LOVING this sunshine! Bear and I have been out for long walks in the Countryside, I feel so lucky to live where we do. Right out side our door step is the lovely Otley Chevin. For those who don't know, The Chevin is a really big hill...sounds exciting doesn't it? The highest point of is 282 meters and is covered with woods and heathland. The views from the top are so beautiful, you can see for miles! There are several trails you can take around the area, I like to go to the very top and look for our house all the way down there!
The View outside our house (note to self: must go back and take pictures)

So Yesterday we went for a little walk with Oliver Biggles (a Dog) and as this weeks theme is green and nature, we collected all kinds of green things to make a collage.

Happy Tuesday!

Kirsty x

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