Thursday, 30 May 2013

A letter to Bear on his 2nd Birthday...


Today is your second birthday! In two years you have gone from a tiny baby to a little boy full of mischief, giggles and curiosity. You already have such character and personality,You make us laugh out loud every single day! You get your looks from me but you are like your Dad in so many ways. You are clever like him and you are very stubborn, you know exactly what you want. At this age you have no fear and boundless energy! Your favourite things are Thomas and Friends, Trains, Cars, Tractors and you love to run around in your nappy, t-shirt and wellies with a bucket on your head!

I love it when we go on walks together, you love nature and animals and your so fascinated with everything you see. Yesterday we went on a walk to the Chevin, we splashed in puddles, you collected pine cones and thought they looked like hedgehogs it was so sweet.

I can't wait for the next two years. Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!

Love you with all my heart! Mama x x

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