Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Living Local - Day 2

The most common thing people have said when I have told them I intend to shop with Independent Retailers is "ooh that will be expensive" and as a family of three living on a relatively low income this was a big concern. However I am determined and when I say I will do something, I don't back down. So off I went in the rain with Bear in the buggy to begin our first shop. We managed to find everything we needed with the exception of Cheese! The one thing our little town of Otley is missing is a Deli. Eventually we stumbled upon a little sandwich shop that sold small blocks of Red Cheddar so we bought the biggest block they had and went on our way. I was very keen when we returned home to compare the prices of the items I had bought with Sainsbury's, our nearest supermarket. What I found really surprised me...Sainsbury's was a whole £5 more expensive!!! Plus there were items on my list which I were not available in the supermarkets so I would have needed to go into town anyway.

As a stay at home mum there are times when I can go a whole day not having an adult conversation, this can be very frustrating. Today I had conversations with shop owners, market traders, ladies waiting in line for market stalls and I even bumped into one of our neighbours who offered to lend me any items I wasn't able to find. All of this made me realise how lucky I am to live here in Otley.

Here are a few pictures of todays adventures.
The lovely lads from D.A.D. These guys are here every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday without fail, whatever the weather selling their locally grown fruit and veg.
Otley Pharmacy, the only Independent Pharmacy in town and open till 11pm!  
Our Friendly Local Butchers Geo. Middlemiss and Son.

Kirsty x

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