Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Living Local - Day 3

On a mission to find decent cheese, I popped into The Local Pantry in Pool-In-Wharfedale. The Local Pantry is a farm shop selling locally sourced fresh produce. I have passed this place a thousand times on my drive to Harrogate and always thought of stopping by to take a look. The shop is very well laid out with sections for dried pasta, rice, dried fruit and dairy products as well as frozen foods, preserves, cakes, fresh meat, cakes, fruit and veg. In addition to all this they also have a little cafe with beautiful views of the Chevin and surrounding wildlife in the perfect location for meeting friends and family for a coffee and a catchup. Best of all though (with my mission in mind) They sell cheese!! Different kinds of cheese all made locally! Perfect! I purchased a small block of Ribblesdale Parmesan, Risotto Rice, Butter, Eggs and  a yogurt for The Bear.

Very happy with my purchases today!

The Local Pantry Shop and Café

The Local Pantry Shop and Café
Kirsty  x

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