Thursday, 30 May 2013

Living Local - Day 4

Today was Bears 2nd Birthday! I can't believe how quickly time has gone. We didn't plan a party but I did take him and his cousins to a local soft play centre with his cousins, he had such a good time!

I had decided a few weeks ago I would make him a birthday cake as last year I was working full time and didn't have the time to make him one myself. So I had a plan, it was going to be a number 2, all green with a train track and Thomas sitting on top. Everything started off well, cake baked and i had the shape of the 2...perfect. Until it came time for the green matter how much green food dye I put in, the butter cream icing would not turn green!!!! Arg, what was I going to do?? In a mad hurry I ran into town to  Dodgshons Kitchen Ware shop to buy some green fondant icing. I must add that I have never used fondant icing before, absolutely no idea what to do! So upon entering the shop the lovely lady asked what I was planning to do, I told her my problem and suggested I stick to the butter cream rather than starting again with fondant and use a food dye designed especially for butter cream, Excellent. She then asked what I planned to use for the track *Panic*. I hadn't even thought about it!!! "urm...writing icing?" I replied. Yes, writing icing would have been great except she didn't sell it and the only place in town I could buy it was...Sainsbury's (insert sad face here). "Not to worry" she said after I gave her my long explanation as to why I couldn't pop into the super market. "Why don't you use Licorice Laces" So off I ran to the Traditional Sweet Sweet Shop. Again I was greeted by a lovely, smiley shop assistant who was more than happy to help me find the perfect thing to decorate my cake.  

Here are the results:

So yes I did have to run around town like a crazy lady trying to find what I needed but I felt really comforted knowing that local retailers are happy to help and share their expertise. 

Grace x

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